Professional Division Winners

IHCA winners have gone on to distinguished careers as soloists, chamber and orchestra musicians, and teachers. Here are some of their stories.

1976 First Prize Steven Gross
  Second Prize Ralph Lockwood
1977 First Prize Lowell Greer
1978 First Prize David Reiswig
  Natural Horn Winner Jean Rife
1979 First Prize Corbin Wagner
  Natural Horn Winner Corbin Wagner
  Quartet Winner Corbin Wagner, Jennifer Burch,
Louis Stout, Jr., Bryan Kennedy
1980 First Prize Gail Williams
1981 Second Prize (Heldenleben) Laura Klock
  Natural Horn Winner Rick Seraphinoff
1981 First Prize (AHC) Kristen Thelander
1983 First Prize Jeffry Kirschen
  Double Concerto Winner Lowell Greer, R.J. Kelley
1985 First Prize Lowell Greer
  Natural Horn Winner Javier Bonet
1987 First Prize Eric Ruske
  Natural Horn Winner Douglas Lundeen
1989 First Prize Karl Pituch
  Natural Horn Second Prize Michelle Stebleton, Willard Zirk
1991 First Prize William Barnewitz
  Natural Horn Winners Jeffrey Snedeker, Javier Bonet
1994 First Prize David Thompson
1997 First Prize Laszlo Seeman
1999 First Prize Tod Bowermaster
2001 First Prize Andrew Pelletier
2003 First Prize Thomas Jostlein
2005 Second Prize Jesse McCormick
2007 First Prize Kevin Rivard
2009 First Prize Geoffrey Pilkington
2011 First Prize Anthony Delivanis
2013 First Prize Haley Hoops
  Second Prize Mary Beth Orr
  Certificate of Honor Dylan Hart
2015 First Prize Austin Larson
  Second Prize Zeng Yun